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Fully auditable visitor management
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365 day PPM overview
Reduced paperwork through digitalised processes
Streamlined work recording and work order generation

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You might actually do, when using kwiklook to help you.
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kwiklook is a tool for the modern facility manager, saving time and money.

Easy to use, yet vastly improving your productivity and bottom line performance.

Don’t you like being in full control? From visitor/contractor sign-in to asset management and maintenance scheduling, kwiklook will present your business in a professional way, ensure compliance to WHS legislation and allow you the freedom to get rid of cumbersome paper based and ad-hoc legacy systems.

A flexible software solution

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Ensure contractual conformance of security and cleaning staff. Verify location attendance, meet insurance compliance requirements and more…

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kwiklook Facility Management Software – Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management is a key requirement for facility compliance in Aged Care, Retirement Living and Healthcare. A common theme among our Aged Care clients is the need for efficient workflow based Maintenance Management systems. Over the years we have replaced many legacy systems which have had their day usually because they were cumbersome and had […]

visitor id – contact tracing – Lynden Aged care

Imagine this scenario – a visitor to your facility, business, restaurant, bar, etc….testing positive to covid-19. The next action required could be an administrative nightmare or just a few mouse clicks from the visitor id app to produce a contact tracing report. Lynden Aged Care had the foresight to install visitor id in March 2020 to […]

Cleanup with kwiklook!

kwiklook software doesn’t just manage Schedules for Planned Maintenance, it’s also used by our clients for Cleaning Schedules and Daily Routines. Now as facilities and businesses reopen it’s even more important that these schedules and routines are in place and monitored without adding to administrative workload. kwiklooks Planned Maintenance Schedule a simple and effective tool […]