Adelaide Oval

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Proven Experience In Catering To High Traffic Public Venues

Adelaide Oval is a stadium in Adelaide, South Australia, redeveloped in 2013 to deliver an internationally renowned, world-class venue for the 21st Century.

State of the art facilities require state of the art systems and processes, so Adelaide Oval were in the market for a new facilities management software package. Most importantly, Adelaide Oval needed a product that could cover all the facility management requirements in one system, including incident reporting and WHS Inductions for large numbers of contractor staffing. The product needed to be user-friendly, have sophisticated data retrieval and reporting capability, provide an integrated solution, be launched within 4 months and of course it had to be cost effective.

kwiklook was chosen as the supplier of this service, providing the reassurance of over 15 years of experience dealing with high traffic public facilities in Australia including Adelaide Convention Centre, Sydney Convention & Entertainment Centre, NSW State Library & Art Gallery of NSW, multiple shopping centre’s and large enterprises including Rio Tinto and Healthscope. kwiklook was able to fulfil all of Adelaide Oval’s key requirements within the timeframe required.


Short turn around time:
Upon signing the contract in August 2013, implementation of the software system had to be conducted in a very short time-period, with the high profile Ashes series commencing at Adelaide Oval in December 2013. Software implementation, configuration and training were completed in record speed – all within a few days after signing the contract. An enormous 1200 Work Health & Safety Inductions were also completed in time for the Ashes Series. Kwiklook was able to accommodate these strict deadlines, with key strengths of the organisation being its flexibility and nimbleness.

Integrated solution:
The application needed to cover a number of different functions including Incident Management, Security Communications, Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Contractor Compliance, Work Health and Safety (WHS) Inductions and Visitor Management. With modules for all of these functions already available, Kwiklook was able to provide an integrated solution that staff have found to be highly efficient.

User Friendly:
Adelaide Oval needed an extremely user-friendly system that was accessible for all. Kwiklook was able to cater to this requirement, with a system that can be used by even the most technologically challenged! Forms for data input contain preconfigured drop down lists and optional mandatory fields ensuring completeness and consistency of data. Contractors were able to access the system remotely from any web-enabled device.

Efficient data retrieval & reporting capability: Speed of information retrieval and analysis of incident and security log data were important areas for Adelaide Oval and these were both things that kwiklook could provide.

Cost Effective:
Adelaide Oval wanted to achieve all of their objectives on a limited budget. An impossible task you say? Not for kwiklook. With a highly configurable off the shelf software solution, the product is extremely cost effective and can be tailored to customer needs


kwiklook software is now an integral part of the day-to-day and event day operations at Adelaide Oval. Adelaide Oval is enjoying the following positive outcomes after the installation of Kwiklook:

Streamline processing of incident reports 
kwiklook has helped to streamline processing of incident reports with incident reports being emailed automatically to key personnel based on the category of incident.

Convenience of online functionality for contractor staff
kwiklook has ensured that all contractor staff are inducted before arriving onsite, saving time and creating greater efficiency.

Increased security
kwiklook’s Visitor ID function checks the credentials of all contractor staff at entry to the facility providing peace of mind.

Constant support and training
kwiklook provides full support for troubleshooting and has provided tailored solutions to staff at Adelaide Oval, including the CEO.

User-friendly system
Staff at Adelaide Oval are enjoying using the system, commenting on features such as the calendar based interface which displays a 12-month view of planned preventative maintenance jobs.