Cleanup with kwiklook!

kwiklook software doesn’t just manage Schedules for Planned Maintenance, it’s also used by our clients for Cleaning Schedules and Daily Routines. Now as facilities and businesses reopen it’s even more important that these schedules and routines are in place and monitored without adding to administrative workload. kwiklooks Planned Maintenance Schedule a simple and effective tool […]

Visitor Sign-in to an Aged Care Facility

We’ve had a lot of inquiries recently from Aged Care Facilities asking if they can add information and questions to our visitor sign-in software about COVID-19. The answer is yes! and it can be done by adding information to the Conditions of entry sign-in screen or by including an information video during the sign-in process. […]

2020 COVID-19 – Visitor id

Visitor id software is not just a simple sign-in/out solution, it is can also play a role ensuring important information is communicated to visitors and contractors arriving at a facility. For example: 1) Have you traveled to an affected, at-risk area within the last 14 days? If “YES” – Please do not enter this facility […]