LG Electronics Australia

kwiklook visitor signin

Managing Visitor Entry With Ease

LG is one of Australia’s largest consumer electronics suppliers. Their Head Office is located in Eastern Creek near Sydney.

LG was looking for a visitor management system that could effectively work as an electronic receptionist in it’s main visitor entry area.

In January 2016, kwiklook’s visitor management system was implemented, providing a user-friendly entry screen and  alerts to the host staff members.


Networking capability:
The visitor sign-in process had been…… A new system needed to provide the ability for staff to login simultaneously and see the same information.

Fast and easy access to evacuation lists:
This was an extremely important requirement to ensure that all people onsite were safe and accounted for in an emergency situation including visitors and contractors. Staff needed the ability to access lists on mobile devices and via the web if an evacuation were to occur.

Safety and security:
Of paramount concern was the safety of students and staff so a new system needed to ensure that any visitor to the College was readily identifiable. Visitor passes needed to be printed at all entry points.


LG is enjoying the following positive outcomes after the installation of kwiklook Facility management software:

Touch Screen Sign-in/out
Visitors sign-in through the reception area by entering their details into the touch screen interface. The host staff member is notified via email/sms or push notification to the visitor ID app. Staff can respond by text message or call directly from the smart phone app.

Increased security
Visitor passes are printed  on completion of sign-in, no visitor or contractor slips through the cracks! This new system provides peace of mind that visitors on the grounds are meant to be there and any unusual activity is readily identifiable.

Increased safety
kwiklook visitor management has provided College staff with the ability to access a centralised and up-to-date evacuation list from kwiklook’s web app with any web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet etc) – an important feature that reduces the confusion and stress that arise in an emergency situation. The evacuation list is also copied to a cloud server in real time so a power outage or fire will not affect their ability to access a current list, a huge relief to staff!

Staff have easy access to historical data via their desktops and no longer need to trawl through paper based sign-in books for past information.

Access to other kwiklook software modules
The WHS Compliance Module…..