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Expertise With Asset Rich Healthcare Providers

Cabrini Health Australia is a not-for-profit healthcare service providing a comprehensive range of health services. Services include acute facilities, residential aged care and rehabilitation.

Many years ago, Cabrini Health had purpose built an asset management application. However, in 2006 agreed that the system was outdated and was no longer supporting their requirements. The cost to upgrade was prohibitive so they were in the market for an alternate provider. With over 4000 assets, Cabrini needed a robust system that could be modified for their needs.

kwiklook was evaluated along with a range of other software products and was found to be considerably more flexible, user-friendly and affordable than local and global competition.


An easy transition:
With over 4000 assets in its portfolio, this was a complex project and considerable thought went into how existing data could be migrated into a new system. To make the transition process easier, kwiklook provided Cabrini Health with import templates, which they could then use to populate with data from the old system. A much more time-efficient solution than manual entry!

Integrated solution:
The software needed to cover many different functions including Corrective Maintenance, Planned Preventative Maintenance, Contractor Credential Management, Visitor Management, Work Health & Safety Inductions and Asset Management. With modules available for all of these functions, kwiklook was able to provide a quick and easy solution to Cabrini’s multiple requirements.

Cabrini’s old system had been unable to provide the required flexibility so a new system needed to configure to their specific requirements. A key strength of the kwiklook software is its flexibility, so Cabrini were able to tailor the software to their needs.

Cost effective:
Cabrini favoured kwiklook’s user/module based pricing structure. They found this to be much more cost effective and practical compared to competitor software offerings. You only pay for what you use!

For such a large organisation with an enormous asset base, many staff were directly impacted with the change in software. To ensure a smooth transition, kwiklook used a training implementation plan over a period of months to ensure staff were comfortable with the new software.


Cabrini Health initially implemented two modules from the kwiklook portfolio – kwiklook Asset Management & kwiklook Maintenance Management. The success of these two modules, have since prompted Cabrini to expand their usage to include additional modules – kwiklook Visitor Management and kwiklook WHS Compliance to handle Work Health & Safety Inductions and Contractor Credential Management.

Cabrini Health is enjoying the following positive outcomes after the installation of kwiklook:

Improvements in preventative maintenance
Kwiklook Maintenance Management provides Cabrini with the ability to plan ahead with a 12-month calendar view of planned preventative maintenance jobs. Requests for maintenance can also be logged online and multiple assets can be linked to a single maintenance job. Information is centralised and easy to monitor and report on.

Improvements in Work Health & Safety compliance
kwiklook Visitor Management module checks the Work Health & Safety induction and credential status of contractors upon sign-in to the facility, avoiding compliance issues.

Advance warning of credential expiry
kwiklook’s alert feature prompts Cabrini management and external contractors prior to credential expiry, avoiding delays and compliance concerns.

Increased security
keys and other items used by contractors are recorded and prompted for return during sign-out meaning things don’t get lost along the way.