visitor id – contact tracing – Lynden Aged care

Imagine this scenario – a visitor to your facility, business, restaurant, bar, etc….testing positive to covid-19. The next action required could be an administrative nightmare or just a few mouse clicks from the visitor id app to produce a contact tracing report.

Lynden Aged Care had the foresight to install visitor id in March 2020 to register the contact details of anyone visiting Residents at their Melbourne Aged Care facility. The process was made simple via a touch screen tablet interface which recorded the name and contact details of family members and other visitors to their site. During May, three residents tested positive to COVID-19 prompting the Victorian health department to initiate contact tracing. A report was produced with a few mouse clicks and forwarded to the Public Health Registrar.

Download and install visitor id on a windows based tablet to have an immediate sign-in and reporting database for all visitors entering your premises.


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