kwiklook Facility Management Software – Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management is a key requirement for facility compliance in Aged Care, Retirement Living and Healthcare.

A common theme among our Aged Care clients is the need for efficient workflow based Maintenance Management systems. Over the years we have replaced many legacy systems which have had their day usually because they were cumbersome and had not kept up with mobile and web-based technology.

kwiklook software was chosen by Glenview Community Services in Hobart as it provided a user-friendly browser based interface for staff to enter corrective maintenance requests, along with calendar based interfaces for Maintenance Staff to easily manage planned & preventative maintenance tasks. Another contributing factor in choosing kwiklook, has been the ability to add modules and functionality at anytime as required.

The Glenview implementation was straight forward with minimal training needed to get staff up and running with kwiklook. Feedback from users across the board has demonstrated that kwiklook is user-friendly and well liked by both operative and management staff.

Uniting SA had similar needs to Glenview along with a highly mobile maintenance team. kwiklook has been found to provide the mobile flexibility required to cater for their Maintenance Management needs. Healthscope Private Hospitals needed an enterprise system to Manage Maintenance across multiple facilities. kwiklook software has been utilised within the group fo the past 15 years.

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visitor id – contact tracing – Lynden Aged care

Imagine this scenario – a visitor to your facility, business, restaurant, bar, etc….testing positive to covid-19. The next action required could be an administrative nightmare or just a few mouse clicks from the visitor id app to produce a contact tracing report.

Lynden Aged Care had the foresight to install visitor id in March 2020 to register the contact details of anyone visiting Residents at their Melbourne Aged Care facility. The process was made simple via a touch screen tablet interface which recorded the name and contact details of family members and other visitors to their site. During May, three residents tested positive to COVID-19 prompting the Victorian health department to initiate contact tracing. A report was produced with a few mouse clicks and forwarded to the Public Health Registrar.

Download and install visitor id on a windows based tablet to have an immediate sign-in and reporting database for all visitors entering your premises.


Visitor Sign-in to an Aged Care Facility

We’ve had a lot of inquiries recently from Aged Care Facilities asking if they can add information and questions to our visitor sign-in software about COVID-19.

The answer is yes! and it can be done by adding information to the Conditions of entry sign-in screen or by including an information video during the sign-in process.

This can be setup in a matter of hours. For more information Contact us: or visit:

2020 COVID-19 – Visitor id

Visitor id software is not just a simple sign-in/out solution, it is can also play a role ensuring important information is communicated to visitors and contractors arriving at a facility. For example:

1) Have you traveled to an affected, at-risk area within the last 14 days? If “YES” – Please do not enter this facility and we advise a 14 day period of self-isolation.

2) Have you been unwell and have you sought medical attention for your condition? If “YES” – please speak to Security regarding your access to this site.

This type of information can be included during the sign-in process via a brief visitor safety induction or can be included in a more comprehensive WHS Induction for contractors via kwiklook online prior to the contractor arriving onsite.

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Maintenance Management

Over the years, we’ve helped 100’s of clients setup Planned Maintenance Schedules covering their essential services maintenance requirements and preventative maintenance tasks that need to be carried out at regular intervals. The end result has been  seamless administration of what used to be a mountain of paperwork.

Once setup, the schedule generates jobs as they become due which can be closed off with a few mouse clicks when completed. The feedback from maintenance managers is that they don’t know how they operated before implementing the kwiklook Maintenance Module.

On it’s own the PM Schedule is a great tool, combine it with Corrective Maintenance Requests via kwiklook Online, Asset Management and/or Contractor Management and you’ll see increased productivity and cost savings in a very short space of time.

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Visitor Management

Here at Future IT, our aim has always been to provide a highly configurable system that will meet the needs of a wide range of business and facility management operations.

We’ve been continually adding functionality and improving the features of our kwiklook Facility Management Software and our standalone Visitor Management solution – visitor id.

The latest releases of both products have significant improvements and added features. Here’s one example:

For Visitor Management we’ve added a separate App for the purposes of managing evacuation events and to alert personnel of visitor arrival onsite. Personnel can also communicate directly from the App with visitors and contractors as they arrive onsite. The Mobile App is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Contractor Compliance

Happy New Year from all of us at Future IT.

We’re now in our 20th year and what a ride it has been through an astounding period of technological change!

Even though hardware and devices have changed so much over this time, we still find that email and paper based compliance systems for Inductions & Credentials are the norm. When asked why? The main reason given, is that the initial time and effort required to change to an automated database system makes it difficult to get up and running. So we’ve decided to take this on as a challenge and make it easy for you to set one up. Here’s how it’s done:

A kwiklook consultant can get this up and running in less than a day! and then it is automated with expiry date reminders and notifications sent to service provider companies. The ongoing administration is just a few mouse clicks to check the information being updated and uploaded is correct.

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