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kwiklook Facility Management Software – Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management is a key requirement for facility compliance in Aged Care, Retirement Living and Healthcare. A common theme among our Aged Care clients is the need for efficient workflow based Maintenance Management systems. Over the years we have replaced many legacy systems which have had their day usually because they were cumbersome and had […]

Cleanup with kwiklook!

kwiklook software doesn’t just manage Schedules for Planned Maintenance, it’s also used by our clients for Cleaning Schedules and Daily Routines. Now as facilities and businesses reopen it’s even more important that these schedules and routines are in place and monitored without adding to administrative workload. kwiklooks Planned Maintenance Schedule a simple and effective tool […]

Maintenance Management

Over the years, we’ve helped 100’s of clients setup Planned Maintenance Schedules covering their essential services maintenance requirements and preventative maintenance tasks that need to be carried out at regular intervals. The end result has been  seamless administration of what used to be a mountain of paperwork. Once setup, the schedule generates jobs as they […]

Visitor Management

Here at Future IT, our aim has always been to provide a highly configurable system that will meet the needs of a wide range of business and facility management operations. We’ve been continually adding functionality and improving the features of our kwiklook Facility Management Software and our standalone Visitor Management solution – visitor id. The […]